Another Westside Story from The Improtas

Good quality properties, that are priced well, are much harder to find these days. Inventory is low and buyer demand is high. The Improtas pride themselves on their ability to get their buyers’ offers accepted in competitive situations.

The buyers for the property shown on this postcard had something very specific in mind. A unit high up in the Santa Monica Bay Towers with an ocean view and 2 bedrooms. There are only a small handful of units like that in the building. When one came on the market, the Improtas made the first call, arranged the first showing and were the first offer submitted. They built rapport with both the listing agent and the sellers. Ultimately there were multiple all cash offers but the Improtas got their clients’ accepted and the buyers couldn’t be happier with their new home.

Perseverance, dedication, aggressiveness, flexibility, likability, rapport… Success

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