Off To A Good Start with Bay Laurel Elementary in Calabasas

Here we are the week before Labor Day and it is back to school time already! Well, for us it is starting-school-time as our daughter is set to begin kindergarten tomorrow at Bay Laurel Elementary in Calabasas. We had our parent orientation last night with the principal, Susan Wachtel, and the 5 kindergarten teachers. Ms. Burgher will be our daughter’s teacher this year. She has been a kindergarten teacher for 13 years and you can tell she cares. She has been teaching since she finished school herself. Our initial impressions are great. To sum it up in one word… wonderful. The school, the faculty, the curriculum, and, well, the prevailing attitude towards educating, inspiring and molding our children were just what we were hoping for. Bay Laurel and Las Virgenes have incredible reputations and I can see why. Every parent that I have spoken to that has a child who attended or attends this school has had nothing but great things to say.

One of the main reasons we decided to move to Calabasas was for our daughter’s education. All I know is that we feel lucky to have the opportunity to put Sydney in a school environment where she will be cared for and nurtured as she grows up. They talked about the 21st-Century learning skills or the 7- Cs. Those C’s include: critical thinking; creativity and innovation; collaboration; cross-cultural understanding; communication; computing technology; and career learning. We are excited that Las Virgenes embraces these concepts. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if she was at Round Meadow Elementary, Chapparal Elementary or any of the other LVUSD schools but Bay Laurel is looking great so far.

Here is to great beginnings!

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