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Calabasas cell tower moratorium in effect

2011-06-16 / Front Page
By Sylvie Belmond

NOT HERE—Calabasas wants to guard against what are often unsightly cell towers.   Acorn file photo NOT HERE—Calabasas wants to guard against what are often unsightly cell towers. Acorn file photo The Calabasas City Council voted 4-1 at last week’s meeting for a 45-day moratorium that temporarily stops the construction of new wireless facilities in the city. ‘‘

Cell providers can still submit applications for new towers, but the city won’t approve any requests until it completes a new ordinance that will improve its regulation of the facilities.

The moratorium will halt the processing of four pending applications and prohibit upgrades on existing cell towers. Only repairs are permitted, said Tony Coroalles, city manager.

Cell towers became an issue in Calabasas last summer when TMobile sought to install a new facility on a water tank near homes on Adamsville Road.

After reviewing the city’s wireless policy, officials agreed to create a new ordinance that would require telecommunications companies to provide evidence of gaps in coverage before they’d be allowed to build new facilities.

The ordinance under consideration will dictate how applications are processed, and it will allow the city to hire a consultant who can offer effective ways to control cell tower proliferation.

The 45-day moratorium will expire July 25, but state law allows officials to extend the moratorium for up to two years if necessary, City Attorney Michael Colantuono said.

“Forty-five days (moratorium) is not a lot to ask for when it comes to the safety of your constituents,” said Calabasas resident Steve Brecht.

As a Calabasas resident, the larger part of me agrees very much with the need for regulation of cell towers. I have to admit though, that as a Verizon Wireless customer, I am very disappointed with the coverage in Calabasas. For some reason Verizon is fantastic all over LA but in Calabasas not so much.

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