Calabasas City Council Approves $4 Million Budget for Senior Center

The Calabasas City Council voted unanimously to approved a $4 million budget for the design and construction of a senior center, which is to be built behind the Civic Center, located at 100 Civic Center Way.

Jeff Rubin, community services director, presented the findings of the Senior Task Force, which was established last November, as well as the results of two workshops held in June.

Of the 141 members of the public that participated, the majority voted in favor of the following components:

  • should be vibrant, diverse and stimulating
  • should be a membership fee
  • should be for “active seniors”
  • should include classes and exercises for active seniors
  • should be a large 2-story building
  • offer volunteer opportunities to give back to the community
  • small cafe on site
  • large lounge or living room for socializing
  • large, well-equipped arts & crafts room

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