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Calabasas Goes (Plastic) Bagless For a Day

Local shoppers are given free reusable bags as part of “Day Without a Bag.”

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Adam Schamoon, an intern with the city of Calabasas’ public works department, dressed up in a suit made of 600 plastic bags in front of Gelson’s Market on Thursday to exemplify an LA County statistic of how much waste residents produce each year.

“It’s something fun and educational,” he said. “I don’t use the bags because it’s bad for the environment. [If] 500 people waste bags every year, imagine how many people are in the world.”

His quirky outfit was part of the “Day Without a Bag” campaign, co-sponsored by the city and Heal the Bay. For the third year, city employees stood in front of local grocery stores and handed out free reusable bags for customers to use.

I shopped at Ralphs that day and they handed me a reusable bag too. It was a nice reminder and I’d like to see it become more of the norm.

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