Calabasas High Offers Peer Support Program

Calabasas High School Presents Peer Support Program “Coyote Connect”
Aug 22nd – Oct 24th

10 week transition program, known as “Coyote Connect,” will be offered this fall to incoming freshmen and students new to Calabasas High School. This is a mandatory program that takes place during the Wednesday support periods and attendance will be taken at each meeting.

This Calabasas High program marks the beginning of a new chapter in a student’s life.  It establishes a personal relationship between each freshman or new student with an adult faculty member and an upperclassman. Future contacts continue to develop the level of comfort that each student feels.

The second need to be addressed is the early identification of each freshman who encounters academic difficulties, and the formulation of a plan to help them overcome those difficulties. Calabasas High School already offers a variety of tutoring and teaching options for students. The difficulty has been to identify students-in-need as early as possible. Coyote Connect utilizes the five-week progress reports, discipline and attendance records, and classroom teacher observations as an early indicator of a potential program, and then the Connect teachers, counselors and administrators work to move the students towards help as quickly as they can.

This year Coyote Connect teachers will meet the new students in the Gym at 7:55 am on August 22. The average size of each section is approximately 20 students to 1 adult and 1 peer counselor. Opening day activities include a general introduction, an overview of the campus using maps to locate classes, restrooms, the location of each student’s locker, as well as a discussion about life at Calabasas.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Kathryn Heukrodt at ext. 306.

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