Calabasas is committed to become a sustainable community

Calabasas is going green and they have created a website where you can find convenient access to information, services and programs that support the City’s commitment to become a sustainable community. The City of Calabasas is committed to securing its long-term sustainability by adopting a new green initiative to improve the quality of the environment, reduce green house gas emissions, use finite natural resources more efficiently, and save you money. The green initiative is aimed at promoting environmentally responsible development, upgrading existing city facilities, and educational outreach.

The website addresses some of the following:

  • What does Green mean?
  • Calabasas Green Stewardship
  • Why Go Green?
  • Green Construction
  • Green Rebates and Incentives
  • Have a Green Building Question?
  • Helpful Links

Click here to visit the website and get involved!

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