Calabasas Mom’s Club Raises Funds for T.H.E. Foundation

Mom’s Club Raises Funds for T.H.E. Foundation

Though none of the members have children old enough to attend school yet, Calabasas Mom’s Club moms were happy to show their support for the Las Virgenes Unified School District.

Mothers and More, a support group of moms from Calabasas and neighboring areas formerly known as the MOMS Club of Calabasas, presented the T.H.E. Foundation a check for $1200 Tuesday at the Las Virgenes Unified School District headquarters.

While members of the group don’t yet have children attending public school, they decided to raise the money through fundraisers and club dues to show their support for LVUSD where their kids will eventually go.

T.H.E. Foundation was a unanimous choice, according to club secretary Loanette Tumpak.

Founded in 2010, T.H.E. Foundation closely works with the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD) as a fundraising arm to provide consistent and sustainable funding for instruction and programs.

“We are looking ahead and investing in this school district, knowing that most of us will have kids attending the local schools anyway,” said the mom of two from Woodland Hills.

Jennifer Rastein, Vice President of the Mother’s and More, taught in the district for over eight years and said that the school district is something close to her and the club’s heart.

“This is our way of being involved now until our children are old enough to benefit from public school,” Rastein said. “Every little bit helps and we’re happy to donate.”

Stephanie Williams, one of the founding board members of T.H.E. Foundation and PFA president at Bay Laurel Elementary School, said she and T.H.E. Foundation were thrilled about the donation.

“We’re very touched and excited what this shows about the community,” Williams said. “We know we have the support of the community and we know that together we can do amazing things.”

Members of the Board of Education, including President Cindy Iser, Lesli Stein
Jill Gaines and Gordon Whitehead were in attendance, as well as Dr. Don Zimring, LVUSD Superintendent and Dr. Dan Stepenosky. The children of the members of the club also came to the presentation of the donation.

“Part of what we do is we want to set an example for our children,” said Rastein. “So it was important for then to be with us today to see us be able to give to an organization to hopefully inspire a little charity in them as well.”

The club said that that they hope to give another donation to support Foundation in the future.

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