Family Home Built in a Cave – Cave House built by the Sleepers

September 9, 2010 6:30 AM

Cave House Backyard Genius

During construction of their cave house, William Sleeper and his family lived in tents inside the cave and washed laundry and dishes in buckets. (Photograph by Lars Tunbjörk)

The Cave Dwellers

William, Deborah, Kian, Perry and Wesley Sleeper; Festus, Mo.

Seven years ago, William and Deborah Sleeper found a choice piece of property just west of the Mississippi River. The defining element? A 17,000-square-foot sandstone mine that at one time housed a roller-skating rink and a concert hall. “We loved it,” William says, “but the property is just 3 acres and a hole. No one wanted to finance it.” The family bought the property themselves, but were cash-strapped when it came to building there. “One wall was a lot cheaper than four,” William says. So he incorporated nearly three dozen orphaned sliding-glass doors into a 45 x 45–foot outer wall at the mouth of the cave. Inside the 2000-square-foot front chamber, the Sleepers—including daughter Kian, 16, and son Perry, 14—spent four years building a sprawling kitchen, an office and three bedrooms with recycled hardwood floors. A stairwell gently spirals through the home’s three levels.

You won’t find a house like this in Calabasas or anywhere near Los Angeles but it is a marvel and an impressive feat. I’d love to visit this house and check it out. I love architecture and this one is about a unique as it gets.

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