Please do your part. Fill out the form and return it this week and be counted!

In 1790 the United States Census Bureau counted 3.9 million people living in the United States. That constitutionally mandated decennial population count was the first one completed in the United States. Today, the US Census Bureau mails forms to each address in their data bank. The data collected from the completed and returned forms plus enumerator’s personal interviews, are used to: apportion Congressional seats to states; to make decisions about what community services to provide; and to distribute $400 billion in federal funds to local, state and tribal governments each year.

The official 2010 Census Day is April 1, 2010; however, it is important to be aware of some other dates and deadlines. Between March 8 and 10, the US Census Bureau will mail an advance letter notifying all known addresses in the United States to expect the arrival of the ten question Census questionnaire. Census questionnaires will be mailed to each address in the United States by March 15. From March 15 through the official “Census day”, April 1, all of the forms should be filled out by responsible persons at each address and returned to the US Census Bureau. If the first questionnaire is not returned to the US Census Bureau, a replacement form will be sent to all non-responding addresses imploring the responsible person at those addresses to complete the form and return it. Failure to fill out either form will result in a Census enumerator making a personal visit during May and June to conduct an interview ensuring that a complete population count is made.

The 2010 Census form is the only form that the US Census Bureau will be sending for this census. The form is available in 59 languages including: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, and English. The form contains questions on the following topics: 1. Name; 2. Relationship; 3. Age and date of birth; 4. Gender; 5. Hispanic origin; 6. Race; and 7. whether you own or rent your residence. Unlike prior Census years, there is no long for the 2010 Census. Instead, everybody gets the same questions on one simple form, and those questions should take approximately ten minutes to complete. All information gathered and complied is kept confidential and is protected by Federal law.

Be sure that you and your family are counted. The 2010 Census is your chance to inform the federal government in the most fundamental way possible where to spend the taxes you pay each year. This opportunity only comes once in ten years. Please do your part. Fill out the form and return it by April 1, 2010 and be counted!

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