Do Calabasas Gated Communities Have Less Crime?

It is estimated that about 7 million homes are located in gated communities—that’s about 6% of U.S. households. Out of those about 4 million homes have restricted access through gates, entry codes, key cards or security guards.

Here in Calabasas, recently there were a couple of scares when two different children were approached by strangers. Those strangers told the children that their parents had asked them to pick up their kids. Those incidents took place within the gates of two prominent Calabasas communities. Fortunately, both children knew better than to trust the strange men and ran away. So now the big questions is: Is it possible that those within the gates are living under and illusion of safety? Do those gates really add protection and additional security for homes and families inside? Do they really keep the bad guys out?

The basic answer to that question is yes—there is statistically less crime in gated neighborhoods for a few reasons. First, generally there is a stronger sense of community in gated communities because they are geographically unified, often have area associations, and have better pedestrian traffic because of the lack of through-traffic. Second, those security guards and restricted access generally reduce the risk of intruders.

I have read that the crime rate is not necessarily as low as many of the builders of gated communities would like for you believe. So what’s the verdict? Well, it appears to be mixed. There are lots of pros and cons to a gated community, but don’t let it fool you into complacent behavior, like not locking the door or setting your monitored home security system. Of course, no matter your neighborhood, one of the best things you can do it start a neighborhood crime watch. Ultimately you should always take care and think safety, wherever you live.

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