Something Home Sellers Should Take More Seriously

When preparing a home for sale, sellers often overlook or don’t take seriously enough, the process of staging their home. Staging is NOT decorating; it is showcasing “the product”. Believe it or not, your home does become a “product” when you put it on the market.  One that will have competition. When selling, you do want to sell a lifestyle. Just not your lifestyle.

Home staging really is all about that first impression! When you’re selling yourself for a job interview, don’t you make sure you dress and look your very best? And when you sell a car, don’t you make sure it has been cleaned and detailed? Home staging is a matter of detailing your home for resale. To create the best impression, make sure you stage your home before it is even listed on the market. This includes the exterior.

Home buyers are driving by your home and looking at your home on the internet before they ever step into the actual property… Your home can be eliminated from a buyer’s “must see” list if it doesn’t have curb appeal with online photos that show the property in its best possible condition. However, a staged home can create a great first impression… And that message is: “This house won’t be on the market long, we better put an offer in NOW!”

One of the major goals buyers have in their house hunting is to reduce the price of your home! They begin this process by making a “running list” in their minds of the negative aspects of your house as they tour the property. As the list grows, their offer price shrinks. Staging helps keep this list short. I’ve heard that only about 10% of buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home. That number may be arguable but the stats do show that homes sell faster and for more money when they are properly staged.

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