Improta Team’s Top 6 List of Hiking Trails Around Calabasas


 As busy Realtors, it seems like most of our focus is on real estate, houses for sale, buyers and sellers. But we live in a beautiful city and here in Calabasas and surrounding communities, not only do we have fabulous weather MOST of the time but we also have amazing hiking trails with stunning views all around. When we are not selling homes, it is the perfect excuse to get outside and explore. But before getting those shoes on and heading out remember to carry plenty of water, stay on trail (snakes, yikes!), and most importantly your camera! We have created a list of our favorite trails all around Calabasas:

1.) Malibu Creek State Park


Not only does this place have fantastic trails to hike, you can go rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, biking, and even go camping here! Tons of places to explore and a wonderful camp ground that is a good distance from other groups. Tons of movies were filmed here but the most popular was M*A*S*H. People come from all over the world to check out the left behind props and is perhaps one of the most exciting things about this park. Just minutes from Calabasas it is the perfect getaway!

2.) King Gillette Ranch


Named after King C. Gillette himself, you will find here Gillette’s historic Spanish Colonial Revival style mansion as well as other structures that were originally apart of the landscape. This area is much different from other hiking locations. Here you will find museums and gift shops as well as Rangers who are excited to share the history with guests. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic or Saturday morning early hike.

3.) Las Virgenes Canyon


Need something local to Calabasas? This is it! With 8.6 miles to explore (can be longer or shorter), it is very easy to get lost so make sure to map it out and go with friends. Beautiful stretch of land especially in the spring. After you can head to the Calabasas Commons for a coffee.

4.) Cheeseboro Canyon Trail


This is a great all around trail. Easy to run, hike, bike, and even horseback ride! Great for all levels and easy maps to follow. Be careful during the summer though, the rattle snakes occupy less populated trails. Lots of wildlife and just a great little get away from Calabasas.

5.) Secret Trail


Talk about a hike in your backyard, The Secret Trail is Calabasas’ worst kept secret! With seasonal streams, great trails, and fabulous views we are lucky to have this so close. Looking to fit in a hike with your busy day, you found it close to home and easy to get to.

6.) Cave of Munits


For all of the adventure seekers out there, this trail is for you! It is a bit of a challenge getting to the top just be sure to wear pants and good grip shoes. You will be climbing a lot but it will all be worth it once you get up top. It isn’t an extremely long hike either, only 2.6 miles but there is plenty of side strips to check out. The cave is fascinating and so much fun to explore. The views are also fabulous you can see all of Calabasas area. Definitely put this on your to-do list!

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