Lunar Eclipse Lite in Calabasas

Assuming the sky is free of clouds or fog, the Calabasas area should be able to witness this year’s last lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning. It will be a “penumbral” eclipse where the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow dims the moon’s face.

In a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon falls under the dim edge, or penumbra, of the Earth’s shadow, instead of the main part of the shadow called the umbra. As a result, the moon’s face grows a bit dimmer instead of showing a clearly defined disc moving across it as can be seen in a regular lunar eclipse.

The eclipse will peak at approx 6:33 a.m. Pacific time, and should be detectable between 6-7 a.m., according to Nasa. As long as our Calabasas sky remains clear, this should be a beautiful site.

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