Mountain View Estates – Information on Possible Annexation into the City of Calabasas


On March 18, 2010 the City filed with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of Los Angeles County an application and attendant documentation for processing and consideration of the annexation.  Prior to LAFCO consideration of the matter, the city is required to pre-zone the proposed annexation area in conformance with the land use designations in the City’s adopted General Plan.  Accordingly, the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on May 6, 2010 (starting at 7:00pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall) to consider the pre-zoning and will make a recommendation to the City Council, as required under Chapter 17.76 of the Calabasas Municipal Code.  NOTE: Public notices for the May 6, 2010 Planning Commission public hearing were mailed on April 21, 2010 to all property owners in the Mountain View Estates subdivision, and they were mailed to all property owners within 500 feet of the proposed annexation area.

The pre-zoning will match the City’s zoning districts to the existing land uses in the area.  For example, the city’s “Residential – Single Family” zoning will be applied to the existing single-family residential properties in the existing Mountain View Estates subdivision.  Likewise, the open space areas will be pre-zoned to “Open Space – Development Restricted”, and the Gates Canyon Park property will be zoned “Recreation”, commensurate with that existing use.  All of these land uses and attendant zoning designations conform to the recommendations found in the City’s 2030 General Plan.

For additional information including the benefits of annexation, click here.

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