Plastic Carryout Bags

ON DECEMBER 16, 2010!

The City of Calabasas is once again joining forces with Heal the Bay for the December 16, 2010 campaign “A Day Without a Bag.” Free re-usable bags will be distributed to shoppers at the City’s three supermarkets – Albertsons (26521 Agoura Rd from 1pm to 5pm), Ralphs (in the Commons from 1pm to 5pm) & Gelson’s (on Mulholland from 3pm to 5pm) – on December 16, 2010.

“A Day Without a Bag” is an educational and grassroots event that involves businesses and individuals throughout Los Angeles County. On this day, shoppers and retailers are asked to forgo single-use, plastic shopping bags in favor of reusable bags. By raising consumer awareness about personal choices, “A Day Without a Bag” focuses on education, rather than advocacy.

More than 6 billion plastic bags are used in Los Angeles County each year. Disposable bags cost fiscally strained cities up to 17 cents per bag for disposal (this does not include the environmental costs). Plastic bags are made from fossil fuels. Americans use over 380 billion bags every year, throwing away this non-renewable resource

The City of Calabasas is participating in this. Are you? I don’t think people realize how many bags are used in Los Angeles County alone and the impact that has on the environment.

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