Real Estate is a Relationship Business

There are many skills that go into being a successful real estate agent. Market knowledge, negotiating, pricing and staging are certainly among them. However one of the most overlooked or ignored skills that makes for a successful agent and ultimately a successful buyer or seller is relationship building. I think it is obvious enough that we need to build relationships with our clients, but we also need to develop relationships with other agents. There are some agents who seem to think that in order to support their client they need to battle against other agents. The truth, in our experience, is quite the opposite. We always make an effort to build rapport with our fellow agents and ensure that our good reputation precedes us. We have had many many successful transactions that are a direct result of this philosophy.

In fact, recently we sold a house here in Calabasas and then had only a very narrow window of opportunity to find our client a home to buy in a very competitive market. As soon as the timing was right we found a house that fit their needs perfectly and went for it. We called the listing agents on the first day the home was listed and immediately began developing rapport with them and then got our buyers in to see the house that same day. They then had one open house the following Sunday where I went without our buyers where I spent some time with the listing agents so they could get to know me and more about my buyer and her needs/desires. That evening wrote an offer with an personal and emotional cover letter, including photos of the family and presented our offer. The listing team told me that they very much appreciated our every effort and felt that the house was perfect for my clients and vice versa. However, there ended up being multiple offers on the home and after several counter offer we were pushed significantly over the asking price. But we and our buyers never wavered in our commitment to getting this house. In the end we beat out several other offers, one of which was an ALL CASH offer that not only offered a shorter escrow, but was apparently quite a bit HIGHER than ours. There is absolutely no question that every single step that we took to build rapport and connect with the listing agents and their sellers contributed to that success. We will be closing that sale for our buyers next week and they will begin the  next chapter of their lives in a beautiful home in the Pacific Palisades.

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