Remember: Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas

Every so often I think it’s a good reminder to write on spots in Calabasas that are often overlooked. This time I’d like to give a brief history of one of our oldest and most enjoyable places, Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu Canyon.

As the Saddle Peak website says, “Part roadhouse, Pony Express stop, hunting lodge, European auberge, perhaps even a hint of a bordello, Saddle Peak Lodge has been many things to many people in its long history. For 100 years—some say even more—Saddle Peak Lodge has been a place of enchantment, romance and great dining for generations of those who seek a unique experience. Nestled deep in the hills of Malibu, along the creek that flows through Las Virgenes Canyon to the Pacific Ocean, the Lodge stands under fabulous Saddle Peak—a majestic rock formation made, according to local legend, when God’s first horseman sat upon the Santa Monica mountains. In the shadow of the Peak, a colorful mix of cowboys, hunters, fishermen, oil riggers and miners bound for the gold fields of Piru Creek and the Upper Ojai stopped at the Lodge, then a one room cabin, to swap stories, take on supplies, or simply slake their thirst with a local brew called “Hillbilly Punch”.”

After a long history, Saddle Peak Lodge was purchased and revitalized in 1992 by Ann Graham Ehringer Ph.D. At the time of purchasing the Calabasas lodge, Dr. Ehringer was an executive coach and professor of business management at the University of Southern California.

Today, the Saddle Peak Lodge offers fabulous gourmet food with unmatched charm. Anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions are often celebrated in the downstairs dining area, rustic patios and intimate upstairs chambers. Weddings on the Lodge’s stone terraces, overlooking canyons and mountains, are renowned for their scenic beauty. Saddle Peak’s spectacular natural surroundings, its history, its rustic elegance, and its passion for pleasing guests, all combine to make it one of the finest establishments in Calabasas.

Calabasas residents are lucky to have such a great spot as Saddle Peak Lodge in their back yard.

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