Round Meadow Math-a-thon in Calabasas

The 1st Annual Math-a-thon at Round Meadow Elementary

On October 12, 2012, Round Meadow of Calabasas will be having its first annual MATH-A-THON.  This fundraiser is intended to stimulate the student’s mathmatical minds and help raise much needed funds for our school.


Please have your child ask your family and friends to sponsor them for this important event. Enter the names of the sponsors directly on the pledge envelopes. Sponsors may make a pledge per question answered correctly or just contribute a flat pledge. You may also sponsor our Principal, Mr. Resnick, who will take a test, in front of the whole school, of 10 questions chosen by 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.


In order to better prepare, your child should practice. Have them log onto IXL and take the math problems from their previous grade so they can go into the test confidently. The test will be based on the curriculum from the previous year as this year is just beginning. We want all students to feel proud and successful.


Your child will be administered the math-a-thon math test by their teacher in the classroom on Friday, October 12th.  Please have your child return their pledge envelope empty, to their teacher by October 12th with the names of their sponsors. If your child is absent on October 12th, there will be a make-up test on October 16th.

Collect Pledges:

The pledge envelope along with your child’s math test and score will be returned to your child on October 12th. Have your child start collecting their pledges immediately.


By Check: make checks payable to Round Meadow PFA and include your child’s name and classroom in the memo. Please be sure all checks have phone numbers as well.

On Line: sponsors may also pay online at

All pledges must be collected and turned in to school by Friday, October 19, 2012 in order to be counted for prizes.

Round Meadow Elementary School in Calabasas thanks all who participate in this important fundraising event.

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