Steve and Jenny

Jenny and I would like to thank you for all the work you put into the Short Sale with Wells Fargo. It’s not often that you find people that are willing go the extra mile to make things happen. You are one of those people. You always seemed to get the questions answered. With the economy the way it is you overcame all the obstacles and closed the deal. It has been great working with you.


Missy and Jason have helped me explore all possibilities for the future of my home. With the declining real estate market, I was forced to decide between going to the bank for a loan modification and selling my house on a short sale. Missy and Jason researched the available comps in the area and really looked at all options to help me make the best decision for me at the time. I chose to try to modify my loan with the bank. It has been a difficult process to work with the bank, but I will continue to use the services of Missy and Jason whenever I need to sell or buy a property. They are very thorough and professional.


Jason and Missy were referred to me by my agent to handle the short sale of my property. They were excellent! Not only did they secure 3 offers in the first two weeks but they were all over the asking price! We went to escrow and Missy and Jason handled all of the details. I was so happy to have this ordeal over with and they were extremely professional and supportive the whole time. I would highly recommend them to anyone selling their home.


Life takes terrible turns and when I was stuck in the quagmire of the housing downturn there were two people that were always there to keep my head up and offer me the truth about what could happen with my home. Missy and Jason had my back all the way down, and they were consistent and vigilant to work with my lenders to keep me in my home until it eventually got sold. The lesson I learned was that none of us are immune from some really terrible and ego breaking times. The key is to have pros on your side to support you and get you back on track. The Improtas were just those pros.


I put my home on the market with Missy and Jason and within 1 week we had an asking price offer. Unfortunately, it became a short sale partway through the escrow. Missy and Jason handled a difficult transaction with ease and kept in communication with me and the bank throughout so I knew exactly what to expect. They closed the deal in a very short period of time and had my back throughout. It wouldn’t have happened without their professionalism and ability to change course and take care of what needed to be done. I was so happy to put it behind me and never could have done it without them!


I was referred to Missy and Jason Improta when I contacted their office and asked for a short sale specialist in the Brentwood area. I had a condo that was purchased as an investment property that I desperately needed to sell because it was draining me financially. I met with Missy and Jason and knew immediately that I would do business with them. They were not only professional and knowledgable, but they were very likeable as well. I informed Missy right away that due to my high-stress occupation I didn’t have a lot of personal time to really dedicate to getting the unit sold. In fact, I had already accepted the reality that if the condo didn’t sell I was going to have to let it go into foreclosure. Since it wasn’t my primary residence I wasn’t emotionally tied to the property. Missy assured me that she would get the unit sold and would do so with minimal involvement on my part. She did exactly what she promised. She went above and beyond and took total control of the whole process. From negotiating with the bank on my behalf to meeting the Gas Co. at the unit when I couldn’t get away from work, Missy exceeded all of my expectations. Best of all, she had the unit sold in record time for a short sale and saved me thousands of dollars.