Starting Kindergarten in Calabasas

Calabasas is known for its amazing school system. People will move from all around the area, into Calabasas, in order to enroll their children in the Las Virgenes School Unified School District. We are no exception to that movement. We have sold homes in the area and have worked here for years but had lived on the Westside of LA, Santa Monica to be specific, for quite a while. As our daughter approached kindergarten, we had some decisions to make. As it turns out, it was an easy choice to make really. Wonderful, family oriented community with award winning school system?? Hm. Sounds just about right.

We initially got our daughter enrolled with a work permit through our Calabasas Sotheby’s office. We focused on Round Meadow Elementary and found the staff and school officials to be very pleasant and accommodating. It would have been a pleasure to send her there, I imagine. Ultimately, we switched her over to Bay Laurel, based on our Calabasas home being located in that school’s territory. We were equally happy with the people who helped us there. From the lady who we first spoke to on the phone, to the principal, Susan Wachtel, who we met with in person and who helped us finalize her paperwork to get her enrolled. On my last visit before they closed for the summer break, I met a mother, whose son just finished kindergarten. It turns out she is a neighbor of ours, who moved with her family to Calabasas for the same reasons we did and she told me she couldn’t be happier. Her son loved his kindergarten experience and she told me that the teachers were fantastic. We are excited for Sydney to begin in the fall!

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