Westside Subway or No Westside Subway. That is the Question

Westside Subway Extension Heats Up

On Monday, LACMA West’s historic May Company building was the scene for the first of five public hearings, bringing the storied Westside subway extension one step closer to the Metro board’s final placement decision on Oct. 28.

The ambitious project would link 80 miles of rail, from downtown Los Angeles to Westwood. Metro estimates 46,000 to 90,000 people would board the subway at the new stations on an average weekday, depending on which alternative is chosen.

The Metro sponsored forum gave residents the chance to speak their minds and direct questions to Metro and the larger community. However, a caveat to the discussion revealed a show-and-tell aspect to the event. While audience comments were encouraged, Metro workers were barred from answering direct questions, eliminating the possibility of dialogue between the groups.

Speaking on behalf of Metro, Metro Community Relations Manager Jody Litvak used a power point presentation to break down an abbreviated version of the Draft EIS/EIR reports. The report analyzed five potential track alignments, as well as the evaluation of a no-build alternative and an increased bus service option known. Metro estimates the cost of the Measure R funded project between $4 billion and $9 billion.

So the discussion about the Westside Subway extension is heating up. This article talks about what took place at the latest meeting at LACMA West’s historic May Company building.

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