Does it matter who you work with?

We would like to take another moment to share a story, or plight, of a couple of clients we started working with late in the spring.

After working for quite some time with a different homebuyer, we finally landed on something suitable despite all odds. Given our client’s entry level price point and desire for an FHA Financed condo, the search lasted substantially longer than usual. To illustrate the importance of patience and tenacity combined with choosing experienced agents, we put together a video to encourage others to Hang in There!

We soon received an email from the aforementioned client who had seen our video. They needed help. After looking for over a year and a half and dealing with several offers, they had lost on all of them. They were frustrated and ready to give up. We thought we could help.

There is no question that today’s real estate market is challenging. It is challenging for sellers who have lost home value and remain unable to purchase a new home unless they can get a certain amount for their current homes. Or, who simply can’t sell because they are upside down on their mortgages and likely don’t qualify for a loan modification or short sale.

But, it’s no easier for buyers. On one hand you are unsure of the declining market values and on the other, confused by multiple over asking offers, short sale horror stories, lack of inventory, and unrealistic pricing by sellers. The bottom line is that both buyers and sellers need to work with Realtors who know how to navigate the choppy waters of this market to get results for their clients.

So now what happened with those clients who had contacted us? Well, they had reached out to us some time in late May. Ultimately we discussed their situation and what they had been through. We talked about their wants, needs and goals. We looked at a few properties in June and developed a good idea of what they wanted. At the beginning of July, we got them pre-approved again. By mid July they were in escrow. We closed on their home in early August. Needless to say, they are ecstatic about their new home. They told me that the day we closed was like Christmas morning. They even wrote about us and our lender in their own blog.

Please remember, that Who You Work With Matters. Call us so we can help you too.

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