YTD Stats for Calabasas Homes for Sale

The chart above gives Year-To-Date statistics for all single family calabasas homes for sale. Calabasas real estate has shifted over the last few years along with the rest of the real estate market. If you look at the numbers above you can see how the market works. Calabasas homes are located in many different types of communities with differing price points but even when you average them all out you can see how the price per square foot on the expired homes is the highest. The homes that are still active on the market have the next highest price per square foot and the sold homes have the lowest. The number of days that the homes were on the market follow a similar trend.

Understanding how to price your home so that is sells quickly but for the maximum market value dollar is crucial (watch our video on seller pricing) . Call us when you are ready to sell and we will analyze your home in it’s specific community and get you top dollar quickly. There is no reason to sit on the market month after month.

Calabasas Homes & Santa Monica Homes for Sale

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